FMVIP 2022 Speaker

Dr. Zhao Yue

(Keynote Speaker)

IEEE Member

Southwest Communication
Research Institute, China




Speech Title:
An Information Security Management and Control Scheme for Smart Industrial Parks
Abstract: Focusing on the basic concept of smart industrial parks and the information security risks of existing schemes, we introduce a sensitive information security sharing (SISS) platform by adopting cryptography and information security technology to enable the smart industrial parks, provide technical aspects such as unified authority control scheme, sensitive data security sharing, and intelligent gateway based on edge computing for smart industrial parks, establish a new security management and control system of smart industrial parks. Finally, we introduce the research achievements of the information security management and control technology used in smart industrial parks, as well as the application value of SISS security platform in other industry fields.

Biography: Zhao Yue is a senior engineer and Ph.D. of Southwest Communication Research Institute. He has presided over more than ten projects such as National Natural Science Foundation Projects, Key Technology R&D Programs of Sichuan Province, and participated in National Key Technology R&D Program as the person in charge of special topics. As the first author or corresponding author, he has more than 20 academic papers published on IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, and other top network and communication academic journals and conferences, 34 patents authorized and 4 software copyrights registered. In addition, he published 4 academic monographs. He is now a master supervisor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and an associate editor or guest associate editor of Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing、KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems、Journal of Smart City Application.






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